Corksribas Portugal

About Corksribas of Portugal

Corksribas USA is the North American service arm for Corksribas Portugal. Founded in 1980 Corksribas Portugal has quickly become a leading World producer of cork and cork products sold in over 70 countries around the globe. Over 70 percent of the world’s supply of Cork comes from Portugal.

Combining state of the art manufacturing with natural, renewable raw cork, Corksribas products are both environmentally friendly, functional and fashionable.

Corksribas is a dynamic customer driven company with a strong set of corporate values. And Corksribas grows in its role as one of the leading producers in the global cork market with ongoing large investments in new technologies, people and products. Corksribas seeks like minded market partners to advance the use of cork given how environmentally correct this fiber is.

Today, Corksribas produces cork products for many different market segments including flooring, sound and thermal insulation and underlayment, to wall coverings, to consutruction expansion joints through to cork fabric in fashion and shoes to.

To learn more about Corksribas and explore ways we can work together please contact Corksribas USA if located in North America or if located eleswhere.