cork flooring

Cork Flooring

Corksribas' cork flooring is used in both residential settings as well as many commercial applications. Cork floors are both environmentally friendly, stylish and durable. Our state-of-the-art technologies allow us to create beautiful cork flooring that offers both durable finishes for ease of maintenance in today's homes as well as highly fashionable designs to compliment any interior decor.

EZCORK Flooring by Corksribas

EZCORK Flooring comes with a HDF back and a click lock system for ease of installation. EZCORK Flooring is distributed and inventoried in North America for Corksribas by EcoTimber in the USA and Goodfellow in Canada. Both Ecotimber and Goodfellow have a large network of local cork flooring resellers to sell and support the EZCORK cork flooring product lines.

Corksribas Private Label Program

Corksribas of Portugal also offers an extensive private label program direct from Portugal for both their commercial and residential cork flooring products to qualified flooring companies. Companies interested in our private label program for cork flooring and other cork products please feel free to contact us.

Commercial Cork Flooring

Corksribas also produces cork flooring for commercial projects. The commercial cork floors are offered both through the Ecotimber and Goodfellow for the North American marketplaces as well as a full container loads directly through Corksribas in Portugal.

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